Are Kraft paper coffee bags with a flat bottom the best choice for roasters?

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There are several options to consider when choosing the ideal container for your coffee. Since branding components are the most noticeable, it makes sense that you would prioritise them first.

However, you must also pick the proper packaging material. For a very long time, and probably for the foreseeable future, kraft paper has been a prefered option. Customers love it because it has a lesser carbon footprint and can be recycled, and roasters pick it because it is sturdy and long-lasting.

Equally crucial is your choice of packaging design because it can affect a customer’s decision to buy. Customers prefer packaging that is simple to use, store, and transport.

Flat bottom pouches are a popular option because they enable material layering, offer plenty of storage space, are sturdy, and offer a lot of room for printing. When the advantages of kraft paper are added, you have a powerful combination. Here’s how to figure out if it’s the right choice for your requirements.

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Why is the shape of the packaging crucial?

A recent study on the impact of speciality coffee packaging on consumer expectations and evaluations found that product classification and identification are aided by form.

Additionally, it can give your business an edge over rivals by affecting a customer’s feelings, attitudes, and purchasing decisions.

The container’s shape will also affect how long customers will use it once they buy it and how well they will recall your brand after the coffee has been consumed.

While there are many different types of coffee packaging, a handful in particular have gained popularity. The majority of these are rectangular and resealable, with many possibilities for the base’s size and form.

Because the edges of their gussets are curved and attached to the front and rear supporting walls of the pouch, bags with rounded bottom gussets don’t lie flat. However, they are comparatively stable for storing light items that weigh no more than 0.5 kg (1 lb).

Compared to rounded bottom gusset bags, K Seal bottomed bags offer additional storage room. To lessen strain on the side seals, the bag base is attached at a 30 degree angle to the front and back supporting walls. This makes it a better option for fragile things because it directs the product towards the middle and bottom of the pouch.

Corner seal or plow bottom gusset bags lack bottom sealing and are made from a single piece of cloth. When storing items weighing more than 0.5 kg (1 lb), this is effective.

Side gusset bags often offer less storage room but are more compact than bottom gusset bags.

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Packaging materials’ function

There are many different packaging materials from which to pick. However, what buyers seek from their products constantly shapes preferences.

Customers like recyclable packaging and are prepared to pay extra for it, according to research. Customers are more likely to recycle because it is a socially desirable behavior and they want to look good or they want to imitate others.

While kraft paper is more readily recyclable and compostable, plastics and bioplastics are still frequently used to package coffee. While most plastics and bioplastics need to be recycled at industrial facilities or collected in special ways, kraft paper decomposes with minimal assistance from humans.

Kraft paper also has the benefit of being lightweight. This means that your weight-based shipping and storage costs won’t be dramatically increased.

Another reason why consumers might choose kraft paper to plastic is because research from the International Journal of Scientific Research and Management Studies demonstrates that easy-to-carry, use, and store packaging perform better in the market.

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What are the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing flat bottom kraft paper bags?

Kraft paper and flat bottom bags each have specific advantages and disadvantages. You should be aware of how they interact when you use them both to package your coffee so that you can modify your choices as needed.

A flat bottom bag typically has five sides, providing opportunities for advertising from all directions. When positioned on shelves, its rectangular base makes it stable. In addition, it is simpler to open and close thanks to its larger aperture, and it takes a lot less material to create than conventional standing bags.

A flat bottom coffee bag may stand out when stacked with coffee bags that appear smaller because it has a bigger storage capacity. Furthermore, due to its straightforward style, it will appear larger than it actually is, enhancing its “value for money” appeal.

However, employing flat bottom bags could have the drawback of being more expensive and less cost-effective when used for smaller quantities of coffee. However, these greater expenses can be justified if used in conjunction with a substance like kraft paper.

Despite being relatively new to the market, this specific blend has already gained popularity among several roasters.

Kraft paper can be more appealing to consumers because it is easier to compost and recycle, as was already indicated. In contrast to plastics and bioplastics, it also has less barrier protection properties, therefore it might need to be lined or coated in order to fully shield your coffee from the outdoors.

In the end, this might affect where and how it can be recycled. However, flat bottom bags allow more than enough space to convey these important facts to clients, ensuring that they properly dispose of the packaging. There are five package sides to choose from.

Giving customers this kind of information, together with an open, honest explanation of why you picked kraft paper in the first place, can have a good effect on their decision to buy from you and encourage future brand loyalty.

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Choosing the ideal packaging design for your coffee and company can seem like a difficult undertaking because there are so many various packaging forms and materials available.

You can choose a solution, such as flat bottom kraft paper bags, that strikes a balance between exactly what you require from your packaging, what will appeal to the buyer, and what is practically feasible for both by consulting a specialized coffee packaging expert like Cyan Pak.

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Post time: May-20-2023