It’s time to rethink your flexible coffee container.


The major way in which roasters convey their brand and goods to clients is through coffee packaging. As a result, coffee packaging should check off many boxes, including aesthetically beautiful, useful, inexpensive, and, ideally, eco-friendly.

As a result, in the speciality coffee sector, flexible packaging has become a popular alternative. It provides marketers with a diverse surface on which to print their graphics and attract customers, in addition to being economical, convenient, lightweight, and hygienic.

It also allows roasters to get creative with the shape and size of flexible coffee bags. Roasters may have a better chance of reaching business objectives and gaining new customers if they redesign flexible coffee packaging.

Learn about the advantages of flexible coffee packaging and how bending your pouches may improve your business.

Advantages of Flexible Coffee Packaging

Overall, coffee packaging must do numerous functions at the same time, including being cost-effective, ensuring the product remains fresh during transport and in retailers, and appealing customers. Putting these aspects first when purchasing coffee bags can help with brand visibility and sales.

Flexible coffee pouches are one of the most effective solutions for roasters trying to be cost-effective while yet appealing to clients who want convenience. Furthermore, flexible packaging is more robust than single-layer paper or glass packaging, lowering the likelihood that roasters will have to pay for damaged stock or packaging.

Furthermore, investing in flexible coffee packaging allows roasters to include components such as degassing valves and resealable zippers to keep coffee fresh.  

In terms of packaging design, flexible coffee pouches allow roasters to communicate their brand style more effectively. Designers can, for example, integrate supplementary product information or QR codes to expand the brand’s digital footprint and social media following.

Notably, flexible coffee pouches are meant to use as few materials as possible in their packaging. This implies they have a higher packaging-to-product ratio, which customers are likely to appreciate because it saves waste and carbon emissions associated with transportation.

Customers can take flexible coffee bags about while shopping because they are lightweight and easy to carry. There are eco-friendly flexible packaging solutions available, making them an excellent choice for lowering a brand’s carbon footprint.


Why is the design of your coffee pouch important?

First impressions are lasting. As a result, roasters will aim to attract new customers while maintaining loyalty from existing ones. Customers make an in-store purchasing decision in eight seconds on average, making coffee packaging an important marketing and product information tool.  

It is also worth noting that the design of coffee sachets can influence a customer’s purchasing decision. According to packaging design research, products with non-traditional shapes attract more customer attention and stand out more on shelves than their traditionally formed counterparts.

Deviating from typical pouch shapes might thus help with brand identity while capturing audience attention and potentially improving sales. Including creative graphics on coffee bags can also assist enhance product and brand awareness, as well as mindshare.

Also, by choosing flexible coffee pouches made of recyclable materials, roasters may fulfill the eco-friendly business pillar, which is important to most clients. Some speciality coffee roasters provide a collecting service to ensure that flexible packaging is properly recycled. The goal is to encourage customers to return their empty pouches to the roastery, where they will be collected and transported to a recycling facility that can handle them.


The advantages of shaped coffee pouches

According to research, the global ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee market is worth more than $900 billion, with Starbucks leading the charge. Glass, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, and tin cans are common packaging materials.

PET bottles are preferred by many commercial coffee brands because they help to extend product shelf life. Furthermore, they might be more cost-effective and frequently attract clients due to their ‘grab and go’ convenience. However, clear plastic has become a less practical and desired option for product packaging.

According to some surveys, about 300 million metric tons of plastic are manufactured each year, with only around 9% recycled. This is a great opportunity for specialty roasters to be both sustainable and creative with ready-to-drink and novelty coffee packaging in shaped pouches.

Roasters who invest in shaped coffee pouches can use the packaging’s unusual shape to grab attention and express the message of their brand. Shaped pouches provide speciality coffee roasters a quick, adaptable, and eye-catching solution for their coffee at a time when standing out on the store is more difficult than ever.

Flexible coffee bags can be customized to any shape, size, and color, attracting attention and reflecting the unique characteristics of the coffee inside. Furthermore, their distinct shape enables roasters to create a clean, uncluttered pouch that appeals to an increasing number of younger coffee consumers.

Cyan Pak provides multilayer, flexible coffee pouches for a variety of goods such as roasted, ground, ready-to-drink (RTD), and cold brew coffee. Our variable coffee packaging options, including form and size, can be totally customized to your demands.

Furthermore, our coffee pouches provide high-barrier protection while being composed of biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable materials, reducing your carbon footprint. To maintain product freshness, add sustainable components such as resealable zippers, tin ties, spouts, and degassing valves.

We provide a selection of coffee boxes manufactured from recycled cardboard to protect your flexible coffee packaging. These boxes are the ideal alternative to support your subscription services due to their high degree of strength, durability, and weather resistance, as well as our extensive selection of size possibilities.

All of our coffee packaging choices, including debossing, embossing, holographic effects, UV spot finishes, and custom printing using digital printing technology, may be entirely personalised to your needs. 

Post time: Jul-21-2023