How to change the look of coffee package without losing the brand’s recognition


A rebrand, or redesign of the coffee package, can be quite advantageous for a company.

When new management is established or the company wants to keep up with current design trends, rebranding is frequently necessary. As an alternative, a company might rebrand itself when using new, eco-friendly coffee packaging materials.

Customers should have a memorable experience with a brand so they will suggest it to others, which promotes repeat business and consumer loyalty.

A brand’s recognition raises the value of the business, establishes expectations, and makes it simpler to attract new clients.

Learn how to rebrand coffee packaging without losing clients or sales by reading on.

Why would you rebrand the coffee packaging?

Brands and organizations typically update their corporate identities once every seven to ten years.

There are several reasons why companies consider rebranding. In most cases, scaling is necessary when a business experiences exponential growth. A dated image, new management, or internationalization could all be contributing factors.

Instead of spending money on better packing materials, a company might think about rebranding.

Customers have become more interested in adopting sustainable and eco-friendly packaging materials during the past ten years.

In particular, a 2021 survey showed that the four primary consumer expectations for sustainable packaging are as follows:

To maintain the product’s quality and safety

For it to be quickly biodegradable or recyclable

For things to not be overly packed and to only utilize what is necessary

For the packaging must be durable and resilient under pressure

As a result, many roasters are using recyclable or biodegradable materials for the packaging of their coffee.

By drawing in new, ecologically concerned clients, these materials serve to make the business more sustainable and expand a roaster’s customer base.

Having said that, it’s important to communicate packaging design modifications. If this isn’t done, shoppers might not be able to associate the new bags with the same brand, which might lead to lost sales and diminished brand recognition.


Updating clients about changes to coffee bags

The way that businesses market to, sell to, and interact with their client base has been revolutionized by the internet.

Utilizing their social media platforms is one of the best methods for roasters to alert customers to changes in coffee bag designs. 90% of respondents to a Sprout Social survey said they have contacted a brand directly through a social media network.

Social media is now favoured above phone and email as a method of getting in touch with businesses.

According to study conducted as recently as January 2023, 59% of individuals globally spend an average of 2 hours, 31 minutes every day using social media.

Customers will be more likely to recognize the product when it launches if you use your social media accounts to let them know about design modifications, which will lower the possibility of lost sales.

Additionally, it gives you a chance to communicate with your clients directly. You can leverage customer feedback, such as what details consumers want to see on the coffee bags, when you announce your intention to alter the packaging.

Maintaining an updated company website is essential to ensure effective communication. If a customer purchases a product and it differs from the goods represented on the website, they can stop believing in the brand.

Email marketing and newsletters are additional efficient methods for reaching out to customers. These can improve client familiarity with your company’s name and products in a way that spares them from having to look it up on their own.

Regular mailings can aid in promoting competitions, coffee subscriptions, and limited edition products. For instance, you can decide to provide loyal clients who have subscribed to your email discounts.

This promotes the renamed coffee package while giving customers a chance to save money on their subsequent purchases.


When unveiling revamped coffee container, what to think about

It’s crucial to think about the kinds of inquiries clients might have about your rebrand.

This implies that all of your employees will need to be made aware of the reasons behind the rebranding as well as the adjustments that were done. When that happens, they may communicate with customers openly.

If the coffee’s quality has been impacted, it might be the main worry for regular consumers. As a result, it’s crucial to keep hammering home how great your product is as you rebrand.

Consider custom printing a coffee bag sleeve to reassure customers that they are receiving the same product in a new bag. These might have a brief, restricted print run that informs current clients while luring new ones.

A well-executed packaging redesign can draw in new customers and serve to remind loyal ones of the reasons they first fell in love with a certain coffee brand.  

Roasters should consider their firm, principles, and unique demands before deciding whether to rename.

They should also think about what they hope to accomplish with the branding because it might be a difficult process.

Nevertheless, rebranding can be beneficial over the course of a business, giving roasters the ability to draw in better clients, establish greater authority, and demand higher pricing for their goods.

With custom-printed coffee packaging that is guaranteed to catch the eye of both potential and current consumers, Cyan Pak can help you strike a balance between your spending plan and your company’s personality.

Roasters and coffee shops can choose from a variety of 100% recyclable coffee packaging solutions from Cyan Pak that can be personalized with your company’s logo.

We provide a variety of coffee packaging structures, such as side gusset coffee bags, stand-up pouches, and quad seal bags.

Pick from sustainable materials including multilayer LDPE packaging with an eco-friendly PLA inner, kraft paper, rice paper, and other papers.

Additionally, we have a selection of fully recycled cardboard coffee boxes that can be customized. For roasters who want to experiment with a new look without overwhelming customers, these are the best possibilities.

Create your own coffee bag to take control of the design process. To make sure your custom-printed coffee packaging is the ideal representation of your business, we use cutting-edge digital printing technology.

Contact us for more details on how to introduce coffee packaging design modifications successfully. 

Post time: Jul-24-2023