What Are Drip Coffee Bags?

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Drip coffee bags have broad appeal for speciality roasters who want to expand their clientele and provide freedom in how customers drink their coffee. They are portable, small, and simple to use.

You can consume drip bags at home or on the go. Roasters can use them to test a particular market, give away samples of fresh coffee blends and types, or even attract new customers.

Drip coffee bags: What Are They and What Do They Do?

Drip coffee bags are tiny pouches of ground coffee contained in folded paper supports that may be suspended over cups. They were first developed in Japan in the 1990s.

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Before being filled with coffee, each bag is small and flat (typically no more than 11g), making storage simple and effective. They have soft but durable filters that can endure bumps and blows during transport.

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The ease of usage of drip coffee bags is what makes them appealing. Customers open the pouch and remove the filter bag, rip off its top, and shake it to level the coffee inside to brew a single cup of coffee.

Hot water is then gradually poured over the grinds while each handle is covered by the cup’s sides. After use, the filter and wet coffee bed are thrown away.

Drip bags are widely available in supermarket and convenience stores, as well as restaurants and coffee events. They can either be purchased already filled with coffee or filled at home.

Why Provide Drip Coffee Bags to Customers?

The University of Economics in Katowice, Poland, conducted a study on the global coffee business in 2019 that looked at how customer expectations are changing market patterns.

The article describes how consumers today demand coffee products to be both simple to prepare and accessible to get. Therefore, there is a rising need for portable coffee solutions that can be enjoyed on the go.

Additionally, it was discovered that consumers of coffee prefer expensive, high-quality coffee to less expensive, instant alternatives. Despite Covid-19′s negative economic effects, consumers of coffee don’t appear to be lowering the caliber of the coffee they buy.

According to a poll carried out by Caravela Coffee in August 2020, 83% of large coffee roasters had already surpassed pre-Covid levels or were expected to do so within the next six months.

According to study, consumers are less willing to cut back on affordable indulgences that provide immediate gratification, like speciality coffee, in times of hardship than they are on larger purchases like vehicles and luxury goods.

Drip bags fit nicely with these trends and provide the ideal answer for roasters trying to expand their clientele. The single-use, hands-off brewing method not only complies with current regulations on cleanliness and minimizing contact, it also fits the hectic lifestyles of contemporary coffee drinkers.

What to Think About When Selling Coffee Drip Bags

Although drip coffee bags have been available since the 1990s, speciality coffee roasters have been slow to include them in their product lineup. Finding the appropriate grind size and material can be difficult, to start with.

Additionally, the majority of specialty roasters want to demonstrate their dedication to sustainability, but this is challenging given that drip coffee bags are single-serve only.

We suggests collaborating with a packaging specialist who can provide compostable or recyclable coffee bags, to resolve this issue. While entirely recyclable and biodegradable, Kraft paper is a popular option for drip coffee that will be eaten quickly because it does not maintain freshness for as long as other materials.

It’s crucial for roasters to use drip bag packaging that accurately represents the caliber of the contents. To give customers a sense of what to expect, ground single origin coffee, for instance, should include information about the place in which the coffee was grown, the roast date, and the roast profile.

Even though there is less space than in a typical coffee bag, roasters should aim to incorporate additional information like tasting notes and sustainability certificates.

Customers are increasingly choosing drip coffee bags as both an on-the-go solution and a quick fix at home. They not only fit the hectic modern lifestyle, but they also provide roasters with a means to increase their client base by making premium coffee more widely available.

Whether you’re selling them one at a time or in quantity, CYANPAK offers customizable drip coffee bags. We provide a variety of choices, including clear windows, zip locks, and compostable and recyclable bags with degassing valves that are optional.

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Post time: Dec-13-2022